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Willow Creek Orchards

May 21, 2010
You guys! I had SUCH an amazing time at home this past weekend. I think that a visit to PA was JUST what I needed, to see my family, celebrate, and just enjoy being home.

The home that I grew up in is in a small town outside of Philadelphia. The wonderful thing about Pennsylvania is that it’s green and lovely, especially this time of year. The weather was fantastic the entire weekend. On Monday morning, I woke up to a mother dressed in workout gear, ready for a run. I was able to convince her to not only cut her run down from 7 miles to 3 miles so that I could join (hey, it was a tiring weekend!), but also to map the run to end at my favorite neighborhood locale,  Willow Creek Orchards. It then occured to me to wake Sissy, the graduate, from her slumber & convince her to come as well. Unfortunately a run did not tickle her fancy, but we were able to compromise (who can resist a smoothie made of fresh, organic ingredients!?), and ended up walking 1.5 miles to Willow Creek and 1.5 miles back, chatting the whole way!

A leisurely walk with the girls trumps a workout anyday!

Willow Creek Orchards is a Certified Organic produce farm, where you do everything from picking your own strawberries, to watching a sheep shearing demonstration. The highlight for me is the indoor market, where the fresh produce is sold, as well as products from local farmers and artisans. The store stocks everything from organic grass-fed meats, to homemade gelato, to candles & fruit pies. It is literally heaven on earth for a gal like me!

We have arrived!

The Marvelous Willow Creek

Adding to its heavenliness, Willow Creek has a window around the side of building that serves up the most delicious concoctions. Think smoothies made of fresh yogurt, organic strawberries (grown right on the farm), organic bananas, pure honey & maple syrup. YUM!

Mom enjoying her purchase, an amazingly fragrant soy based candle!

Fresh peach preserves and a lovely candle!

And here we have…..THE SMOOTHIES!

Smoothies that will make you speechless

I miss it already, but the fantastic weather predicted for Chicago this weekend may help ease the pain 🙂

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