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Lazy Rainy Monday

June 1, 2010
Wake up, decide to go on a long bike ride along the lake with A. Throw wet hair into a biking-friendly braid, put on comfortable clothes, and toast a pair of sandwich thins.

Bike ride friendly braid

 Look out kitchen window to see this…

not ideal!

look on computer to see this…


Yeah, a bike ride was DEFINITELY not happening. A lazy Monday it is!

We selected a movie (Deep Water, a documentary that would be complemented by outrageous thunder & lightening), and braved a run to 7-Eleven for some movie watching snacks…

peanut butter m&m's are a good idea

After the movie, it was a round of Bananagrams…

My puzzle, still proud despite my loss

Followed by some “Juusto” on the grill, a type of baked cheese purchased from the Farmers Market.


Tonight concluded with the making of my favorite go-to salad, and the forcing of Bachelorette wonderfulness upon a true trooper. A successful conclusion to a wonderful weekend if you ask me!

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