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Red, White, & Blue

June 3, 2010

Before my sister’s graduation extravaganza, I told my mom that I would take care of centerpieces when I arrived home. However, due to travelling standby, my plans to get home Thursday evening were foiled, and traffic problems in Philadelphia pushed back my arrival to late Friday afternoon. The party was planned for 1:00pm on Saturday. Time for quick thinking!

My mom had already picked up red & white roses from Costco (great deal on bulk flowers!), so I trimmed them down and put them in glass vases. Then, I forced my brother to drive me to Whole Foods where we filled a cart with an assortment of red, white, & blue bottles. I even got my brother into color coordinating, and to my complete shock, he even suggested that we stop at ANOTHER grocery store on the way home to look for more blue, as we were a little red heavy. I arranged the bottles strategically around the flowers, tied a ribbon, and ta-da!

Simple but pretty!

I like that this centerpiece is functional (delicious party drinks!), and pretty.

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