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June 15, 2010

Brother, Me, Brother's (awesome) Girlfriend

While back in Philadelphia for my sister’s graduation, my brother decided to download several games onto my IPhone in order to “help me out”. While playing on said IPhone, my brother happened across my WordPress “App”, and therefore discovered my Blog. I hadn’t planned on telling anyone about my sister about this website, but such is life.

Having a brother is pretty cool, because you can do things like convince him to drive you to Whole Foods (if you promise free samples), and you can still call him and catch up on family drama when your sister won’t answer the phone. Brothers also introduce you to hilarious TV shows (“It’s Always Sunny” last year, “Little Miss Perfect” this year).

The proper thing to do here would be to post one of my brother’s recipes, or entertaining idea, but I don’t think that you guys would be the crowd that would appreciate a fine Easy Mac with hot sauce, chicken soup with hot sauce, or a Hot Pocket with hot sauce. If I am wrong, feel free to contact me for said recipes đŸ™‚

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