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Speaking of Family…

June 17, 2010

My sister and her boyfriend just arrived back from a fabulous 2 week adventure in Spain. More specifically, they tackled Southern Spain (the region of Andalusia) head on. I have conviced her to do a guest post about her travels here on my blog, so I won’t spoil the fun, but let’s just say that they definitely got off the “beaten path” and really experienced what the region has to offer.

My sister is SO fabulous, that she even threw some treats in her suitcase to ship to me in Chicago. First, olive oil from the city of Jaen!

how wonderful!

Previously unknown to me, Jaen is the World Capital of Olive Oil. More olive oil is produced here than anywhere else in Spain, and it is one of the top producers of olive oil in the world.

translation = delicious

I can’t wait to pour this “liquid gold” all over fresh bread, vegetables, and basically everything that I eat. I remember the olive oil in Spain being rich and full of flavor, I am so excited to taste it again.


When I travelled through Spain on a college student’s budget, these cookies quickly became my favorite treat. Not overly sweet, these little beauties were my favorite snack on crazy long bus rides.


Somehow, my sister not only managed to get these back from Spain in one piece, but also shipped them to Chicago without breaking one cookie. It’s a miracle!

Thanks Sis, you are the best!

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