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Book Review: Love The One You’re With

July 6, 2010

"Love The One You're With" by Emily Giffin

First things first, this extended weekend was FANTASTIC, and I have the ridiculous tanlines to prove it. Lot’s of bike-riding, swimming, sailing, mini-golf for pints of Harp, fireworks, and the Steve Miller Band. I hope that you all were able to celebrate Independence as well!

I thought that i’d start off this week with a book review. Sidenote: Don’t you love when the week starts on a Tuesday? You spend half the time thinking that it’s still Monday, and then before you know it, the week is over! Anyways…I digress…

I bought Emily Giffin’s “Love The One You’re With” on an impulse in the Book Store, as I loved “Something Borrowed”, and it happened to be on sale. I thought that it would make a PERFECT beach read. Girly and light, nothing deep or serious that would cause me to fall asleep in the sunshine. As such, I intended to leave the pretty little book on my bookshelf until beachtime in August.

Well, patience FAIL on my part. I couldn’t resist, and I indulged my guilty little pleasure a bit early.

This book wasn’t quite as “light” as I expected it to be. The dilemma that the main character faces is a bit disheartening, and i’m still not sure how I feel about the ending. Despite all of this, I must admit that I stayed up way too late a few nights saying “ok, just one more chapter!”, so it’s obvious that it’s pretty darn captivating.

ps: Don’t you worry one little bit, I already have another girly book lined up for the beach that will not be purchased until it is time to GO!

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