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Impulse Shopping

July 7, 2010


How to leave work at 9pm and manage to gain back some sanity:

1- Leave work and run to the Whole Foods hot bar before it closes. Chow down on some Spinach Lasagna, Turkey Meatloaf, and zucchini. Not your first choices, but half the bar has already been put away for the evening.

2- Make a pit stop in Walgreens for toothpaste before it too closes. End up finding the facewash that has been MIA in drugstores for the past few months. Rejoice, and buy 3 bottles (just in case you never see it again).

3- Walk past Orbit gum that claims to deliver a “hydrating” sensation. It has been a long day, decide that you need that too (note- this will make your purse smell like a watermelon curled up and died inside later on).

4- Finally make it to cash register- see that the special is on Reese’s Cups. Into the bag they go…

5- Make the simplest, yet oh so wonderful, dessert to enjoy the next day…

Frozen Reeses Cups:

Take Reeses Cups out of Walgreen’s bag (leave in package). Place them in the freezer for 24 hours. Enjoy!


What can I say, this week has been Crazy with a capital C!

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