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Sunday Tidbits

July 12, 2010

Night Sail

Happy Sunday everyone! I had a very productive weekend, and am (for once) feeling ready for Monday. Maybe that has something to do with vacation coming up at the end of July…you’ve got to start the weeks to finish them! Now for some random thoughts…

The picture above was taken on Friday night, when we sailed out on Lake Michigan to hear an O.A.R concert that was going on at the Charter One Pavillion. I like this picture because of the imaginary roof that is above the boyfriend’s head 🙂 This is quite possibly the only picture I have of him where he is not standing up straight. I like it.

Saturday was filled with apartment hunting fun. I was nervous to tackle the task by myself, but I am so specific in what i’m looking for that it’s not like there are a ton of options to rifle through anyways. I found place that I REALLY like, but it may not work out due to the date i’d like the lease to start. If it does…


I WILL HAVE A FIREPLACE! Seriously, this is bad, because now I have gotten quite used to the idea of spending snowy evenings cuddled up by a crackling fire. There is also a little garden out the back door, which would be incredibly refreshing.

Sunday involved Ann Sather Cinnamon Rolls (this is supposed to be a food blog after all…). These definitely cancelled my Bar Method workout earlier in the day, but they were oh so worth it. I’ve heard the hype, and let me just say, now I understand. To avoid the lines, we ordered a box of the cinnamon rolls from the counter and ate them outside since it was such a gorgeous morning. Then, it was time to check out some open houses with the BF. While i’m looking to rent, he’s looking to buy, which is making me feel like a complete underachiever!

Things have been busy this past week, so I have definitely failed on the cooking front. Hopefully this week is better, I already have plans for some cookie baking!

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  1. July 12, 2010 2:31 am

    I should move to Chicago. Much better real estate there! I love the fireplace. Of course, I also don’t have to deal with snow anymore in the winter.

    Good luck with the search.

    I am sore from Bar Method three days ago!

  2. July 13, 2010 9:04 pm

    You SHOULD move to Chicago! I just found out today that the owner is willing to let me start my lease in September, so the fireplace shall be mine :)Although, I DO want to live in San Francisco, maybe we can switch places!

    The Bar Method never ceases to make stairs impossible for me for at least several days after class. So killer!

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