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July 14, 2010

To all of you fashionistas out there, I am having a MAJOR crisis.

Well, OK, maybe I should be slapped for calling this a crisis, perhaps it’s a DILEMMA.

The Dress

I found this dress to wear to a wedding at the end of July, and fell in LOVE. It arrived quickly, fits perfectly, and (since it’s black) would be easy to accessorize, right?


I have gotten myself into a stubborn place where I am imagining myself wearing coral shoes (peep toe, platform), a la Christian Louboutin . Unfortunately, this girl does not have $500 in her wallet asking to be spent on seasonal shoes, so they just will not work. I have SCOURED the internet, looking for someone who decided to copy these beauties, but I have not found A THING!

So this is where I beg: Do you have any ideas for a lovely pair of shoes to wear with this dress? Coral? Turquoise? A new idea? I am up for anything, I am just (dare I even say it), burnt out from shoe shopping.

Help a girl out 🙂

Edit: My sister is magical, and found me a gorgeous pair of coral peep toes (70% off) at Marni. Crisis averted! They are divine!

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