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Friday Favorites: O, The Oprah Magazine

July 16, 2010

Fridays seem, in my mind at least, to be the best day of the week. Hopefully, it means that you have had a nice handful of productive days to put up on your shelf, and a few days of fun & relaxation approaching. Fridays are never as fruitful as say, a Tuesday, but they are much needed. Everyone seems to have the weekend on their brain, and “we’ll talk about it on Monday” is a favorite phrase (at least when things slow down in the summer).

In order to celebrate the  fabulous-ness of Fridays, i’ve decided to made Fridays “Favorite” days on my blog. Each Friday, i’ll feature one of my simple pleasures, whether it’s an item that makes my life easier, a little splurge, or just something that I find beautiful.

To kick off Friday Favorite, we have:


“O” The Oprah Magazine! It always takes great restraint for me to walk through the check-out line in the grocery store without picking up one of these. Although I appreciate a nice issue of Vogue, or even US Weekly, Oprah has somehow managed to find her way to the top of my magazine picks. The fashion spreads use a combination of models & accomplished women, who are usually wearing clothes that you could see yourself wearing in the office. The features on “things” that Oprah loves are to-die-for, with everything from exotic chocolates to warm cashmere throws. Sure, there is always an article or two that i’ll breeze over that don’t seem to apply to a girl in her 20’s, but I still feel that the magazine does a good job of addressing women of all different ages, from different walks of life. There is such a random assortment of beautiful photographs & styling to lust over, getting lost in one of these magazines is so very simple.

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  1. July 18, 2010 12:16 am

    I used to do Friday Favorites, too! I don’t know why I stopped, but my some of the things I posted about were calla lillies, nuts (like pecans and almonds), pumpkin patches, and picnics 🙂

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