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Tea Time

July 27, 2010

For as long as I can remember, i’ve had a liking towards tea parties. Something about the prospect of an extended afternoon gathering, with girl-y foods to graze, girl-y chatter, and dainty china and teacups. It’s a no-boys-allowed type event, and rightfully so. Bite-size sandwhiches just aren’t masculine.

On quite a few occasions, my Mom, Grandmother, Sister, & I tried out Tea  Houses in the Philadelphia area to celebrate Christmas or Mother’s Day. I loved the different themes and ideas that went into creating an ambiance at these places, whether “Victorian” or “Country”. I am unfortunately not a tea drinker (I know, strange, right?), but i’d sit shamlessly with my teacup of warm cranberry juice or cider (meant for children), and enjoy the company as well as the morsels that were presented at our table.

My sister (who has been formally introduced in posts past) is hosting a Bridal Tea at our home the day before my cousin’s wedding this weekend. The party will start with manicure/pedicures at the salon, and then move to the house. She sent me the menu this morning, and I nearly jumped out of my seat! It is DIVINE with a capital D! I will post pictures later, but in the meantime, I had to post this menu for all to see:

While at the Salon:

-champagne, orange juice (whether on their on, or mimosas)

-water, diet coke (so happy about this. I love me some d.c.!)

– lavender honey goat cheese stuffed strawberries on brioche crisps

 For the Tea Party at Home (Beverages):

– The drinks from the Salon

– TEA set up with all different kinds of tea bags and fun tea cups

– a cantaloupe basil granita (frozen cantaloupe basil gin cocktail)

For the Tea Party at Home (Snacks):

– scones with clotted cream and lemon curd

– a brie en croute with homemade blackberry basil preserves

For the Tea Party at Home (Brunch)

– egg salad and watercress tea sandwiches

– smoked salmon dill cream cheese tea sandwiches

– monte cristo tea sandwiches (battered turkey and gouda dipped in jam)

– roasted tomato soup

For the Tea Party at Home (Dessert)

– raspberry earl grey tart

– “tea cake” cupcakes in strawberry champagne and green tea raspberry (pink and green for the wedding colors!) made by my brother’s girlfriend, who is an amazing artist, and i’m sure can work wonders with fondant!

Needless to say, I am feeling down about missing all of the preparations for this event, as i’ll be getting home JUST in time for the party. Doesn’t it just sound WONDERFUL?! My sister is a bridesmaid extraordinaire!

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