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Book Review: Something Blue

July 28, 2010

"Something Blue" by Emily Giffin

Whoopsies! Remember when I said that this book was going to wait until I had my toes dug deep into the sand? FAIL!

I swear, this pretty little cover taunted me into taking a peek, which was just NOT a good idea. Sigh.

“Something Blue” is a follow up to Emily Giffin’s “Something Borrowed”, which is being made into a movie with Ginnifer Goodwin (Like) and Kate Hudson (Dislike). I’m not going to lie, I had a hard time getting into Something Blue at first. Usually one to dive right into girl-books, the main character annoyed the HECK out of me.

Luckily though, this only lasted until about halfway through (when the main character became mysteriously likeable), and then I was back to my ways of staying up way too late to get in “just one more chapter”. Although far fetched, there is nothing wrong with a little over the top love story every once & awhile!

Something that I have realized when writing these book “reviews” is that I am incredibly scared to give away ANY plot details that may spoil the experience. You’ll notice that i’m taking a more “thumbs up, thumbs down” approach. I’m looking at these posts as more of a living “suggested reading” list (always growing), than a Reader’s Digest.

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