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Foodie Flashback (continued)

July 29, 2010

The Villa for eating & sleeping (with the screenless windows ALWAYS open)

The Villa for gatherings

Who: Me, and an unbelievable group of about 30 people from around the world

Breakfast, Lunch, & Dinner

When: June 2006

The View

Where: A self-sustaining Villa in Lucca, Italy (Tuscany)

What: (I felt VERY small indeed) as this was a group of people gathering together for 6 days to learn how to practice Transformational Leadership. People the likes of Joy Olivier, Bethany Wells, and other adults ranging from 18-35 hailing from New Zealand, South Africa, England, Ireland, Germany, the US (and the list goes on)…

Why: This trip was a complete turning point for me & my attitude/feelings towards food. Every meal was cooked completely fresh by members of the group, using the bounty of Tuscany (grown right outside of our rooms).The result was intoxicating blend of local flavor & the styles from each person’s home. Every dish was vegetarian, but at no point did I even think about meat not being on the table. Each meal was an extended event, with jugs of local wine, and flowing conversation. The week was emotionally, intellectually, and gastronomically stimualting on so many levels.

A trip into town

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