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The Ferry Building

August 13, 2010
On Tuesday evening, I decided to take a little walk to the Ferry Building for some dinner and browsing. It took every ounce of strength in my body not to walk out of there with bags and bags of items. This place is a feast for the eyes and stomach alike!

The Ferry Building

I finally decided on Ferry Plaza Seafood to grab a bite to eat. It was lovely to sit right by the water, even on a chilly evening.

The dinner view

I ordered a crabcake, served on a bed of field greens. This was one of those crabcakes that doesn’t seem to contain any filler whatsoever. Just huge bites of crab. How delicious!

Crab Cake

Of course, I couldn’t leave the Ferry Building without scoring some treats from Miette!


I had macarons on the brain, but took a spin around the store before deciding. They have such an amazing assortment of treats! Mom, if you are reading this, they even had Fralingers Mint Rolls (a Jersey Shore tradition!). Wonderful!

How cute!

But of course, Macarons were necessary 🙂

I'll take one of each please

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