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Clock Bar

August 15, 2010

As long as I was staying at the Westin St. Francis, I had to pay a visit to Michael Mina’s Clock Bar in the hotel lobby.

The Mission

My pictures are terribly grainy as the mood lighting made things very dim, but I still had to share a few bits with you…

Ginger Rogers

Aside from wine and an occasional gin & tonic, i’m not really a big drinker. This drink may have changed that. Behind the bar, there was constantly pure magic occuring. Every time I glanced over, there was (literally) fire, smoke, or some other exciting step to create the perfect drink. The picture above is of the “Ginger Rogers”: Plymouth gin, ginger syrup, fresh lemon, and ginger ale, served tall over crushed ice with a mint sprig. What shocked me most was the potency of each flavor in the drink. It was crisp, flavorful, and refreshing.  

Not your everyday bar snack...

I also ordered a little snack from the food menu, namely a soft pretzel, served with Boccalone mustard from Esther’s German Bakery in Mountain View, CA (all food served in the bar is local). Definitely not your everyday bar nuts!

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