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La Jolla

August 22, 2010

Although my work week in San Diego wasn’t exactly the most eventful outside of the office, I made sure to check out the town on Thursday evening before I flew home on Friday. As I have never been let down by one of Elizabeth Bryant\’s recipes, I decided to follow her lead, and headed to Georges at the Cove for a wonderful little dinner. Georges has three different options for dining, and I decided to go with California Modern for the evening.

The scene

As you can see from the picture above, I arrived at dinner a bit early so that I could catch the sunset during my meal. It went from completely empty to a line out the door in a half hour flat!

The most lovely view!

The view during dinner was absolutely breathtaking. The restaurant is incredibly romantic, which became pretty obvious when I realized that I was the only person in the whole place not on a date…

Sea salts

Not your everyday minestone...

This seasonal minestrone was fantastic. Delicious squash blossoms, red carrots, yellow & red grape tomatoes, and various other fresh vegetables filled the bowl. It was unique, and refreshing. The perfect starter to the meal!

Soup accessories

I have a major problem with ordering salmon at nearly every restaurant. I try to venture away, but I just can’t help it. I don’t cook fish as often as i’d like, so maybe that’s why I always gravitate towards it when i’m not the one doing the preparing. This evening was no different, especially after seeing the salmon’s description in the menu. It was served with baba ghanoush & falafel, romano beans, saffron-cherry tomato vinaigrette, and cucumber yogurt. Perfection.


Dessert was peanut butter rice pudding, which warrants another post in and of itself. After the restaurant filled up, I felt a little awkward whipping out my camera, especially considering the closeness of the tables. I also have to mention that the waiter suggested this wine, which I thought went really well with the salmon. I’d even go so far as to seek it out again. The restaurant has a great wine menu (it’s gigantic!) with many organic, sustainable, & biodynamic wines. Now i’m interested in learning what each of those distinctions mean, and how it plays in to the wine that we drink. Fascinating!

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