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Back to School Shopping

August 24, 2010

Just the words “Back to School” put a smile on my face.

Oh! the new pencils! the glue! the crayons! If I were my mother, I would have filled my childrens’ backpacks with the only slightly used pencils & pens filling up the desk drawers in out home. However, she always indulged us, and allowed a little back-to-school shopping spree every August. Fall clothes were purchased to replace the ones that were too small from the year before, and stationary galore was purchased in bulk quantities.

It’s no fair that once summer breaks are a thing of the past, so becomes back to school shopping. My pens & pencils are worn, most collected from hotels & swag bags. I didn’t grow out of my clothes from last year, so they sit in my closet. Can’t I have a trendy new pencil case & a set of mechanical pencils?? I want to be the envy of the class! What I wouldn’t give, on a rainy day towards the end of summer, to hear the words “I think that today we’ll go do some back-to-school shopping”. Sigh…

September is start-over time. Time to stock up on necessities to get you through the year & be a better student (or a better you!). If I were going back to school shopping this year, here are the 3 things that would find their way into my cart:

1- A trench coat


Last fall, I broke out the puffy winter parka a BIT too early, due to my lack of a more reasonable coat (and i’m always cold, ok). My parka is the exact opposite of polished & put together, so while the weather permits, i’d like to don a coat that actually HELPS my look as opposed to turning me into a frump-ster. Just looking at this picture makes me giddy! I love this style!

2- A new pair of everyday jeans

Jeans = fall uniform

I’d like to think that i’m not the only one that has a “default” pair of jeans. Sure, I have the typical skinny jeans, jeans to wear with boots, jeans to wear with heels, etc., but every year I find that there is one pair that I consistently reach for (perhaps a bit too often). They are usually the pair that I can wear with flats, sandals, or a pair of sneakers. Once I find that pair, I wear them out until they don’t even resemble denim. Sadly enough, the jeans that took the cake last year were from Abercrombie (no joke). I found them in my drawer (tags still on!), purchased in high school, and felt bad that I hadn’t worn them. So, I proceeded to wear them pretty much every day last year. Finding a pair of everyday jeans is nearly impossible, as jeans never feel so “everyday” in the fitting room. I need to find a pair to wear out this year, and i’m hoping to go with a more polished look than I have clung to in the past.

3- Japanese washi paper tape

my brain is already churning with ideas...

And for the stationary portion of my back-to-school shopping…HAPPY TAPE!!! If you are not new to the blog-world, then you have most likely seen about 1,000 ideas for amazing projects you can tackle with colored masking tape. This quite possibly could be the best addition to any craft closet, and i’d definitely like to get in on the action. Downside- it’s a bit expensive for tape, but i’d like to think that it would pay dividends with all of the pretty things I could make!

And so ends my back to school dream list. What is on your list this year?

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  1. August 24, 2010 10:02 pm

    Kelly, lOOOOVE that you’re blogging. Now I have to get all caught up on your archives!!! My little Foodie, love it!

  2. August 25, 2010 4:20 am

    I loveee back to school shopping even though I’ve been out for forever. I just got a super cute new trench and Gap sent me a pair of jeans. Now it’s time for some shoes!!!

    The happy tape is so pretty 🙂

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