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October 10, 2010




Marathon morning is one of my favorite days in Chicago’s calendar year. I have lived right on the course since I moved here, and this makes it not only convenient, but incredibly exciting that such an amazing race occurs right outside of my door. Watching the marathon was my first “date” with the boyfriend 2 years ago, so it’s a special day in that sense as well 🙂 We checked out the expo on Saturday, and as usual, watched the race together on Sunday.


crowds gathering at the last turn


We’ve altered our own viewing “route’ each year. This year, we started in front of my apartment to catch the first leg of the race. Then, we hopped on bikes to take advantage of the massive road closures, and high-tailed it to the finish line. We were able to catch the finishers (same male and female as last year, first time in Chicago marathon history!) Yet again, I have been inspired to get running again, so maybe I can watch from the perspective of a runner next year. We’ll see!

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  1. October 10, 2010 8:34 pm

    This makes me miss Chicago SO much! The last time I ran this marathon was 2006. Maybe next year I’ll sign up for a 5 year memorial 🙂

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