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November 12, 2010

Next weekend, the boyfriend is hosting brunch for his family at his new condo, so that everyone can see the place now that he has moved in. Of course, I elected myself “Chairwoman” of the party planning team. It’s a group of 9 adults, and i’m a little nervous about having enough food, as well as enough variety.

Here is the first draft of the menu:

An assortment of juices
Fruit Salad
Spinach and Cheese Strata
Cinnamon Rolls (Pioneer Woman c/o We Are Not Martha)
Turkey Bacon (his family is partial to turkey meat products)
Breakfast Apple Granola Crisp
Home Fries (I am debating adding green peppers to these, it’s a family thing)
What do you think? Am I missing a dish? Am I making enough? Help!
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  1. Aunt Nancy permalink
    November 13, 2010 4:52 pm

    What??? no scrapple.? haha. Bag the turkey products and introduce the folks to good old recycled pig parts, haha. Your menu looks good…how bout a breakfast casserole al la french toast. That will give you a little more filling item. And if you want to save time on the cinnamon rolls….rather than going through the whole process of making the dough, letting it rise, etc., Janette gave me a recipe for cinnamon buns that uses frozen bread dough. She says it rivals monkey cake…not that you can’t make a monkey cake too, but consider how much time you have to spend doing things, setting up, etc., using bread dough might be the better way to go. I’ll email it to you. One of my co workers has the recipe for the french toast breakfast casserole…we just had it at a breakfast at work and it was quite the hit. It’s a make the night ahead thing. Very easy. I can get the recipe if you want it.

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