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December To-Do List

December 1, 2010

It’s the first day of December, and now that Thanksgiving dinner has turned into leftovers, the Christmas season can officially begin!!! I have been trying my best to turn my head away from any early decorations, and have been avoiding Christmas at all costs (aside from a few necessary organization items, like booking flights, buying Christmas cards, and planning gifts).

Now that the Turkey has had his day, we can put away the orange & browns and move onto the red & greens! In order to pack the most punch into the Holiday season, i’ve created a “to-do” list of sorts. It’s a compilation of those little things that seem silly & self-absorbed, but come January 1st, I know i’ll regret if I forget to do…so here goes…Kelly’s Christmas To-Do List 2010!

1- Finally give in, and try a Cranberry Bliss Bar from Starbucks

2- Watch “The Holiday”

3- Light a Fire at least once

3- Watch “Love Actually”

4- Send Christmas cards to friends & family

5- Send Christmas cards to co-workers

6- Attend at least one session of Caroling at Cloud Gate

7- Watch the Magnificent Mile Lights Festival

8- Walk around the Christkindlmarket

9- Pull together gifts for the family my work team is sponsoring & for the child whose name we picked off of the tree at church

10- Find the PERFECT GIFT for everyone in my family!

11- Create the perfect hostess/host gifts for all of these parties, EEK!

12- Find (and bake) the perfect cookies for the boyfriend’s sister’s cookie swap

13- Watch “White Christmas”

14- Walk around Zoo Lights

15- Snuggle on my couch with hot chocolate and a good book (at LEAST once). EDIT- convince the boyfriend that he should let me snuggle with hot chocolate and a good book on HIS couch. It’s MUCH more conducive to comfort and relaxation.

16- Track down all Christmas decorations (after the move, God only knows where they are) and hang them!

17- Convince the boyfriend that he too needs at least a few decorations.

18- Watch a “Muppets’ Christmas Carol”

19- Listen to the Glee Christmas Album approximately 1,000 times

20- Something that i’d really like to try this year…lunch at Macy’s Walnut Room under the tree, a tradition beloved by many Chicagoans! I hear that the lines are insane, but i’d really like to make this work somehow.

21- Take a snow-walk in the park

22-  Do everything else that I forgot to put on this list 🙂

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  1. December 4, 2010 10:05 pm

    I hear Chicago is getting some snow this weekend. Perfect winter weekend weather for hot chocolate and snuggling! SF is just getting drizzles. But I did go ice skating last night in Union Square right across from the Westin St. Francis! I have some major bruises today. Can you believe that I grew up in Minnesota but never learned how to ice skate?

    • December 9, 2010 2:53 pm

      Oh yes, PLENTY of snow! No curling up on the couch though, i’m running an 8K this weekend so there was a snow-run instead. Yuck!!

      How fun!!! I’m so jealous, that must have been such a gorgeous place to ice skate. How did you manage to avoid learning all those years? I’m shocked!

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