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Rudolph Ramble 8K

December 16, 2010

aka – The ramble that almost wasn’t

I don’t think that i’m going to be allowed to plan team-building activities for work ever again! My 2 brave co-workers and I (the only ones from the team that did not drop out) went through with running the Rudolph Ramble 8K last weekend, despite the blizzard like snow & wind in Chicago. I had been training in below freezing temps, but with the snow & wind, this race went from fun to downright miserable! It became clear right away that there was no way that I could run the race in my goal time, so I transitioned my thinking & focused on getting through without quitting. Due to the re-routing of the course, it was a bit crowded, and there were no mile-markers along the way, making it difficult to determine when the race was going to end. The MVP award goes to the boyfriend who stayed & took pictures, and turned up looking like a snowman at the end!

starting line

ready to go

troopers in costume

bathrooms blowing away

white out

wind demonstration

more snow

so cold

the big finish!

get me out of here!


team bonding at its finest

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  1. December 30, 2010 3:21 am

    Very hard core Kel!

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