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Welcome 2011!

January 2, 2011

puppy snuggles

I have had a vacation full of puppy snuggles, girl time, sweet treats, & lots of Holiday cheer. I feel refreshed (times 1,000), and ready to tackle 2011 head on. Before the New Year’s festivities, I made sure to work on my 2011 Resolutions. Here’s an idea of where i’m trying to focus this year:

1- Build on my Financial Base: I have a very specific goal of where i’d like to be financially when the clock hits midnight on December 31,2011. I have numbers that i’d like to hit for my savings account & 401 K, as well as a dollar amount of student loan debt that i’d like to pay off. I think that the numbers I have in mind are reasonable when thinking about my current expenses, while still challening me to keep tightening my purse strings.

2- Develop my blog 🙂 I’d like to work on my photography (see related resolution below), and post some original recipes.

3- Keep up with my running: After a hiatus, i’ve dived right back into running again. Therefore, in 2011 i’d like to run another half marathon (possible the Chicago Half Marathon) & run the Sea Isle City Island Run (a 10-miler) this summer.

4- Visit 3 places I have never been: I think that 2 places will be easy (if all goes according to plan i’ll be visiting Beaver Island in Michigan, and Quebec City in Canada a some point this year), but finding a third will require some thinking!

5- Learn how to use my new camera: I am the QUEEN of learning things as I go. Instruction manuals tend to freak me out. For Christmas, I received a gorgeous new camera that came with one of these scary books. Due to the fact that i’d really like to improve on my photography skills, and use my camera to its maximum, i’m making it a goal to educate myself on how my camera works & all of its functions.

6- Read a group of books centered on one topic: While reading “The Happiness Project” by Gretchen Rubin, I found that the books she was referencing sounded fascinating. I looked at the list of suggested reading at the end of the book and thought that i’d get to reading some of the books from the list eventually, but didn’t make any tangible effort to get started. In an effort to stop putting things off in to the distant future, i’m making  it a goal to read 15 books from this suggested reading list during 2011, based on which ones sound the most exciting.

I’ve made a nice little “Outlook” Calendar reminder set for June 30, 2011, so that I can do a 6 month check in on my 2011 goals. Here goes nothing, 2011 here we come!

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  1. January 2, 2011 2:29 am

    When I was in college, I had a weekly Outlook reminder to “live.” It was like: “call your parents, stop stressing out about homework, pray more, make time for friends”… and every time it popped up, I took inventory about how I was doing. Your 6 month reminder made me think of this!

    I’m excited to see how your photography evolves. Happy New Year!

    PS. I’d love/love/LOVE to pay down the college debt this year, too…

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