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Friday Favorites: Girl Scout Cookies

January 7, 2011

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What is one thing that I miss the most about being a little girl? Selling girl scout cookies. Going door to door pushing our sugary treats was just downright FUN. What else was fun? Watching my Uncles get stuck in a purchasing war over who could  buy the most cookies, and seeing my chances of being top seller increase!

Supposedly, this year, cookie selling is getting a bit of a makeover! The Girl Scouts of America are launching a social media venue for the girls to use to market and track orders.

Via the “Chicago NOW Blog”…

The Cookie Club™ is an interactive, online cookie business for girls. The password-protected website teaches girls about goals, tracks progress, and allows girls to send e-cards to friends and families. Customers use an online order form to submit their “promised” cookie order that is automatically recorded on girls’ Cookie Club™ account order pages.

Due to the fact that I live in the city, and have very little contact with children (or even people that HAVE children), I have not purchased a box of girl scout cookies in YEARS! Last year, after some internet searching, I thought that I had discovered a cookie sale taking place at the nearby Children’s Hospital. I made the boyfriend accompany me, only to get the strangest looks from the hospital receptionist when we asked where the girl scouts were selling their cookies. Whoopsies.

This year will be different. I will find myself a box of Thin Mints if it kills me!

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  1. Aunt Nancy permalink
    January 12, 2011 2:50 am

    Check with Christine. Serena is at that age. She might be in Brownies or Daisy’s or Chicago’s equivalent of those organizations. She could be your supplier.

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