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Almost Heaven…

January 13, 2011

I established last week that my job puts me in some pretty crazy situations.

Well, I can honestly say that today was the most ridiculous day of work i’ve ever had.

Sit back, relax, and let’s review…shall we….

4:00 am Alarm goes off

6:55 am Flight to Detroit, get in late, almost miss connection to Charleston, WV

10:30 am: Make connection, PHEW!

12:00 pm: Arrive in Charleston, realize that it’s CRAZY snowing. Convince co-worker (just moved here from AUSTRALIA, where they drive on the LEFT) to drive because I forgot my glasses and hate driving in snow.

12:30 pm: Start 2 hour drive to Princeton, WV to get to visit a coal mine for the next few days. Roads are suprisingly clear.

2:00 pm: Getting VERY close to the coal mine, have to turn onto a road that looks like it hasn’t been discovered yet, things take a turn for the worse.

2:01 pm: Co-worker attempts the UPHILL drive up said snow covered road in our mini rental car (of course, they were out of SUVs).

2:02 pm: LITERALLY fear for my life as we slip and slide up the road, which was a steep drop down on one side, and a mountain on the other. Quickly realized that I would have been freaked out on this road if it had been a summer day.

2:05 pm: Make it remarkably far before getting completely stuck at a very steep incline. Co-worker pushes while I push the gas. Definitely not working.

2:06 pm: Kind gentleman in truck offers to pull us down a few feet so that we can turn around. He puts on straps and pulls us. We ALMOST successfully turn around.

2:07 pm: We turn around, straight into a ditch on the side of the road. Said gentleman in pick up truck attempts to pull us out (but in reality, almost smokes us out due to the burning rubber of our tires). Bigger & Badder pick up truck appears (seriously, is everyone in West Virginia THIS nice??), also fails to pull us out. Freak out begins.

3:00 pm: Rental Car Company refuses to send a tow truck up our little road. Tow truck companies refuse to send a tow truck up the road. Call the client, who (like everyone in West Virginia) is WAY too nice and comes to find us. A tractor trailer gets stuck 20 feet in front of us, blocking off the way we came. Listened to Rental Car Company and called 911 (FIRST TIME EVER DIALING THOSE NUMBERS AND IT FELT OH SO WEIRD). 911 said that they couldn’t send anyone up that road.

4:15 pm: Client is finally able to get through to us by coming from the opposite direction of the tractor trailer. We get in pick-up truck, head to coal mine, and leave poor baby rental car all by its lonesome.

a bit slanted...


This will sound bonkers, but I am INCREDIBLY thankful that we landed in that little ditch when we did. Sometimes, things really happen for a reason! On the drive to the coal mine, both my co-worker and I had our chins on our laps looking at how incredibly steep and treacherous the road became, right after we had our trouble. The cliffs were cliff-ier and the road was narrower.

The poor rental car is still all by itself, and the kind client drove us all the way to our hotel & took us out to dinner after we worked for a few hours. His life stories made the day even more surreal, but I won’t get wordy here. It’s one of those days that I definitely won’t forget!

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  1. Aunt Nancy permalink
    January 15, 2011 1:45 am

    Can I just say…..thank God for MomMom’s and rosaries!! I’m sure they were both praying for you like they usually do on any normal day and had something to do with the good fortune you found on that day of misfortune.

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