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La Cabane a Sucre

April 10, 2011

In order to get the full traditional Quebec experience, we needed to visit a cabane a sucre, or Sugar Shack. Luckily, we arrived right at the peak of the maple syrup season, and got to partake in some Canadian fun. It was partially a journey on foot (as our car could not make it down the road to the water’s edge), but it was well worth the walk!

walking to the Sugar Shack

heading on down

bring on the syrup

admiring the river

throwing snowballs

impromptu waterfall

the shack


Outside of the sugar shack, you can see the buckets hanging on the trees collecting the maple syrup. This particular sugar shack was run by the most adorable family, whose children entertained us with their little French chit chat when we arrived early for dinner (twice!). While we ate a traditional hearty meal, the owner (and mother of the children) made maple butter & maple candies at the next table. It was all around a picturesque and warm evening! And of course, syrup was poured over everything on our plates, as it was too good to pass up!

some soup, meat, bread, & beets

traditional dishes

plate of deliciousness

The other tradition that we got to experience was “Toffee on Snow”, a traditional dessert where boiling hot maple syrup is poured directly onto the snow, cooled for a second, and then rolled with a stick into a candy treat. The owner of the shack led us back out into the cold, where we got to try our hands at candy making!

Toffee on Snow!

pouring the hot syrup

enjoying a delicious treat!

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