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Embrace October!

September 27, 2011

My “Embrace October” List…

31  Things to do for 31 excellent October days!

1.Re-read Harry Potter & The Sorcerer’s Stone

**a little witchcraft & wizardry to get into that halloween spirit!**

2.Celebrate marathon season by actually RUNNING one

**the culmination of all that summer training!** I did it!!! Nike Womens’ Marathon on 10/16/2011!!!

3.Stock up on some turtlenecks

**my fall & winter staple, loving these tissue ones from JCrew…** 10/5/2011, in some basic colors

4.Commit to a color scheme for our wedding

**why is this nearly impossible???**

5.Indulge in some of my favorite “fun-size” Halloween Candy

** ”fun-size” being the operative word here** It’s not even Halloween, and I have accomplished this to the 1,000th degree.

6.Watch “It’s the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown”

**I love me some peanuts characters**

7.Stroll around Lincoln Park on a crisp morning

**a leisurely stroll to explore corners of the park that I have not yet discovered**

8. Make Cinnamon Brownies

**The thought of these is making my mouth water…**


9.Celebrate at a Cousin’s wedding in Philadelphia

**It is going to be GORGEOUS!** So much fun on 10/8/2011!

10.Enjoy my favorite parts of San Francisco

**after running the marathon** Such a wonderful weekend in SF with my sister & her bf! Even got to see the wonderful Lindsay Meyer!

11.Go for a fall foliage run in Valley Green Park in Philadelphia

**fits right in with the marathon training plan** This didn’t happen 😦 Replaced with marathon training runs through Chicago!

12.Carve a pumpkin

**bought carving tools on clearance last year, now it’s time to use them!**

13.Browse the Halloween section at Target

**Target gets me every time**

14.Watch “You’ve Got Mail”

** This movie just FEELS like AUTUMN!**

15.Read “Neverwhere” by Neil Gaiman

** I’ve started it, and it’s feeling spooky. Perfect for Halloween month** Finished this (sadly!). SUCH a good book!

16.Find a new pair of live-in jeans

**aka – the jeans I will not take off until next summer**

17.Browse the Lincoln Park Green City Market (with a hot cider in hand)

**must embrace living next door to this before I move in May**

18.Take advantage of free cupcakes at Sprinkles

**Working next door to Sprinkles + a daily cupcake giveaway announced on twitter is a deadly combination** Too many times, too many times…

19.Pick & Follow a few Fall television shows

**Must decide which new shows I’m going to add to my list**

20.Attend some fun, but *cheesy* wedding events & expos

**I have no reason to attend these as we can’t use Chicago vendors, but two words gets me – cake samples**

21.Pack up summer clothes & other summer things and put them in storage [L]

**get ahead of moving in May NOW by packing throughout the year**

22.Re-Do my budget [again]

**nothing makes me feel more organized than having a perfectly clean budget**

23.Celebrate future sister-in-law’s 30th birthday!

**party time!** Suprise party on 10/2/2011!

24.Break the trench coat out & wear as much as possible!

** this city gets about 2 days of trench coat weather, must enjoy it!**

25.Eat an apple cider donut

**self explanatory** 10/2/2011 at the Long Grove Apple Festival

26.Do a closet clean out & donate clothes to goodwill

**already cleaned out the drawers & have 3 huge bags that need a good home**

27.Watch a movie in Spanish

**because my mind misses the study of foreign languages**

28.Celebrate APPLES: Either at a festival, or you-pick farm

**most likely at an apple festival in the North Suburbs that looks enticing** 10/2/2011 at the Long Grove Apple Festival

29.Create a game plan to look good in wedding dress in 11 months

**not looking forward to this, but must start early!**

30.Make an apple pie

**with apples from the apple festival perhaps!**

31.Find a florist for our wedding

**this is incredibly impossible, as I am too indecisive**

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  1. September 27, 2011 8:34 pm

    LOVE this list! i’m not there yet, but i know color scheme + flowers are going to be 2 of my toughest decisions when planning my wedding, so i’m with ya. also agree that you’ve got mail screams “fall,” and neverwhere is one of my favoritest books ever! enjoy!!

  2. September 30, 2011 7:20 am

    i love lists. your october sounds wonderful. enjoy those orange, yellow, and red leaves. and see you in SF!

  3. October 1, 2011 9:31 pm

    Great list!
    Unfortunately I live in a country that doesn’t celebrate Halloween and to be honest, I didn’t really get why people would celebrate it until I went to Pennsylvania last year to visit family and saw how much fun was involved!

    Maybe I’ll re-read some of the Harry Potter books too (I love them anyway!).

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