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La Hacienda

January 28, 2011

Heaven help me, I don’t want to leave this place! Everyone smiles all the time, and my hair is cooperating in ways I never thought possible. Add in the fact that I haven’t had to clean my own room in 2 weeks, and i’m sold on living here forever.


I paid a visit to La Hacienda twice during my trip, once with a co-worker on Tuesday, and for a business dinner on Thursday. I should clarify 2 things.
#1: Are you wondering if I really ate Mexican three times this week? The answer is YES. Do I regret this? NO.
#2: Unfortunately it would not have been appropriate to take pictures at a business dinner during Thursday’s meal, but this place exceeded my expectations on Tuesday, and went so far into amazingness on Thursday that I wanted to give the chef the biggest hug in the world. Tuesday’s enchiladas, oh so wonderful at the time, paled in comparison to the braised short ribs, prickly pear margarita, churros, & the spectacular coffee drink (that was lit on fire multiple times table-side before being served) of Thursday.

La Hacienda

La Hacienda

fireside dining

marshmallows anyone?


guac prepared table side

more ambiance



 If you are in the area, run here right away, and you will be happy forever. We say outside on Tuesday, and inside on Thursday, and honestly both were equally as fabulous. You really can’t go wrong!

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  1. January 30, 2011 6:28 pm

    Glad that you’re getting out of Chicago and draping yourself in some west coast warmth and splendor!

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